Amsterdam-based sculptor Cedric Laquieze decorates real cat and dog skeletons with colorful fake flowers to create some of the insect sculptures you’ve ever seen.

Do these not blow your mind? Composed of bones, plants, feathers, and insect parts, these fairies are the inspired creations of Cedric Laquieze, an Amsterdam based sculptor and recent graduate from the Rietveld academy (class of 2010). There is much more where these came from and I definitely recommend a trip to Cedric’s blog where you can view not only his fairies but also his flower creatures and goddesses – all of which are fantastic!

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What if our religion was each other. If our practice was our life. If prayer, our words. What if the temple was the Earth. If forests were our church. If holy water the rivers, lakes, and ocean. What if meditation was our relationships. If the teacher was life. If wisdom was self-knowledge. If love was the center of our being.

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Bellybuttons are like perfect holes. It is like a fucking alien did it or something. Like I don’t believe in that shit, but this motherfucker must have been crazy.

The wise, sober words of my roommate 

Boys with beards= mhmmmm. Boys with buns = mhmmm. Boys in Austin = MHMMMMMM, so many buns and beards.